Session-at-a-Time Coaching

Session-at-a-Time Coaching

Coaching when you need it, which for some, means right now. Our Session-at-a-Time Coaching service gets you in quickly. When you reach out we will schedule your session as quickly as we can.


You are resource challenged; you do not have enough time for what you need to deliver. Our Session-at-a-Time Coaching is an online service. This means no travel time; at your appointment time you log in, and an hour later, you log off. Simple.

Being a business owner, executive, or knowledge worker can be lonely. You are expected to know. When pressed with problems there are few to whom you can turn. You just need someone to talk to, someone who will actually listen.

You are working on several things at once. You feel you are doing well and responding well under the pressure. But there is that one thing. You are not sure how to handle it, you have a few ideas, but need to talk them through in a safe place.

Lisa is a successful financial advisor. With an excellent reputation, professional office space, and with three employees her business was humming. However, over the past few months the hum was turning into a drone. A promising employee was missing deadlines. She had spoken with them, but didn’t know if it was her leadership skills, or the employee’s abilities. She was experiencing a specific issue; so that was our focus. We did not get dragged down into the problems, but rather explored and discussed examples of her successful leadership (of which she has many!). From this newly-developed catalogue, Lisa formulated her own leadership model, which she then applied to resolve her staff problem.


Our Session-at-a-Time Coaching is a complete session of coaching with a beginning, a middle, and an end. This is coaching one hour at a time. And yes, just so you know, you can come back. That’s why we call it Session-at-a-Time Coaching. There are no requirements beyond that.

This is not a “watered-down” form of longer-term coaching. Indeed, longer-term coaching is important and relevant—it’s a service that is core to our work. But sometimes you just need to work on something that is top-of-mind, just like Lisa in the story above.

Session-at-a-Time Coaching starts with you and is based on your needs. You and your coach develop the agenda for the session; this is your hour. You then work together toward the outcomes you developed for the agenda. Session-at-a-Time Coaching is a very goal-driven activity. We may not “solve” the problem during our time together, but you will leave with a better understanding of how to do so.

Evidence-Based Practice and Practice-Based Evidence

Our Session-at-a-Time Coaching is based on the principles of Brief Therapy (you can see more on that here). Interesting research in that field shows, on average, that 50-60% of clients got what they needed from one therapeutic session. Remarkable really. That doesn’t mean they never returned for further therapy (they often did). What the research demonstrates is that one session got them going and feeling they could manage on their own. Follow-up research with clients shows the positive outcomes remained.

Julia and James own and operate a professional services business. Julia runs the business and James the practice. They have three locations with staff and contract practitioners in each location. It is a busy, complex business. Oh, they are also married to one another. Their business and family lives converged, and they said they “couldn’t get a break”. Tension was high. During the agenda setting they figured out what they wanted for the business and also developed some experiments to try post-session. They booked another session. They came back four more times after that, each session showed increasing progress.

We are “Problem Agnostic”

What do we mean by that? We mean that what you are facing doesn’t have to be clear and defined. It can be a feeling, a sense, it may not even have a form yet. It could be something troubling, or something really positive!

The core need you feel is to talk with another professional about what is on your mind. Someone objective and supportive. Someone you feel is unequivocally on your side.

Getting Going With Session-at-a-Time Coaching

It’s easy. To find out if Session-at-a-Time Coaching is for you, just email Matthew Asser directly (, or use our contact form.