Matthew Asser

Matthew Asser, BSc, MEd, MA, FCSI, CFP, CSFT, CCC, RP


Matthew Asser
Matthew Asser

Matthew Asser helps his clients do life differently. By helping them redefine their environment and at the same time, redefine themselves.

The essential root word is “help.” Because Matt doesn’t aspire to change anyone. Because ultimately, change can only come from within each person. What Matt does is help you imagine new possibilities. He helps you strip away what is, for what might be. He helps you articulate the big steps, and then the smaller steps to get to each.

Matt knows about re-imagination first hand. From starting up his own companies to working in senior roles at blue chip organizations, he has more than 25 years of experience in strategic and business planning, coaching and program leadership, with especially deep expertise in financial services.

All the way along, he has indulged his rich and varied intellectual curiosity. He has earned multiple degrees, certifications and designations not only in financial services (MTI, CIM, FCSI, CFP) but also in an expansive range of academic inquiry including science (BSc), education (MEd) and counselling psychology (MA).

Matthew holds the Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) designation and is a Registered Psychotherapist (RP). He is a Certified Solution-Focused Therapist and holds the CSFT designation. Matthew owns and operates Beach Grove Counselling: an online counselling service helping individuals and couples who are experiencing: anxiety, stress, and depression; relationship issues; grief and loss; trauma; work disruption, job loss, and career decisions.

He believes that life should be about exploration and discovery, and the joys that accompany them. And so it is at the intersection of his experience, knowledge and beliefs that we find what truly differentiates Matt: that he is joyously evidence-based and experience driven.

Matthew Asser is recognized as fantastically well studied, perpetually learning, profoundly optimistic and unreasonably supportive of your goals. “Unreasonably” is another way of saying that he’s unequivocally on your side. He is a safe haven for his clients, at times of turbulence in their lives, because he believes that, fundamentally, there is only one way for him to grow: by going forth and serving others.