TRACOM Group is best known for the original development of the SOCIAL STYLE Model™, a proven model for building interpersonal and selling skills. Company founders Dr. David W. Merrill and Roger Reid first developed this model in the 1960s. As the business landscape has evolved, Tracom refined the model and created new measurement instruments to meet changing needs.


It is easy to learn and apply SOCIAL STYLE to the workplace setting. SOCIAL STYLE programs and products are available for a variety of settings and jobs including management, sales, teams and individual contributors.

Individual assessments of your SOCIAL STYLE and your Versatility are available in multiple languages.

Is your interpersonal style Driving, Expressive, Amiable, or Analytical?
You need to know how this, and other key factors, affect your performance.

Where are you on the Versatility scale?
We all need the co-operation of others to do our work.
For Sales Teams an understanding of Versatility is critical.


TRACOM defines personal and organizational agility as the capacity to recognize, create and exploit opportunities in a changing environment. Agile companies foster innovation and evolve more successfully than their competitors by capitalizing on opportunities emerging around them.

The Agility IDEA Model consists of four dimensions; Investigate, Design, Energize and Apply.

Yes, Agility can be assessed. Tracom has Agility assessments in multiple languages.