Interpersonal Effectiveness Program

Interpersonal Effectiveness Program

Interpersonal behaviour is what you say and do when interacting with one or more people. People tend to have one dominant interpersonal behavioural style. By understanding your own style, you can start understanding others better as well. However, you also need to be flexible, or versatile, when we engage with others, which is at the heart of developing great relationships.

We use Tracom’s SOCIAL STYLE, which is the world’s leading behavioral style model. It has been used by thousands of organizations to improve leadership performance and sales results. Part of the SOCIAL STYLE model is Versatility, which measures interpersonal effectiveness.

  • Versatility is critical for salespeople.
  • 87% of program participants found that tailoring their approach to each client’s SOCIAL STYLE led to a greater sense of trust and confidence in the salesperson.
  • If that isn’t enough, people with higher Versatility have almost 30% higher incomes. The best part is that Versatility behaviours can be learned.


Depending on your needs, and the size of group, we can do this one-on-one, or using workshops. Workshops are typically delivered in three formats:

  • 2-hour session; or
  • 1/2-Day; or
  • Full day (better is two 1/2 days)

Depending on your schedule the preferred full-day format is two half days at least one week apart. This gives you and your particpants time to practice the SOCIAL STYLE model between sessions. The 2nd half day is dedicated to Versatility.

Tracom Assessments

An essential part of the program is personal assessment. We use Tracom’s SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility assessments. These are “multi-rater formats”, which means you have others complete the assessment on your behalf. This produces an accurate understanding of how others see you.

Getting Going

It’s easy. To get going with Interpersonal Effectiveness just email Matthew Asser directly (, or use our contact form.