Agility Program

Agility Program

TRACOM defines Agility as the capacity to recognize, create and exploit opportunities in a changing environment. Agile companies foster innovation and evolve more successfully than their competitors by capitalizing on opportunities emerging around them.

Unfortunately, our habits are against us; 98% of our thoughts are the same day after day. We aren’t naturally wired for change.

Fortunately, we can retrain our brains to be more agile. People with high agility are 22% more likely than people with low agility to see beyond normal patterns, processes, and conversations to identify opportunities.

The Agility IDEA Model consists of four dimensions; Investigate, Design, Energize and Apply.


We use a workshop format that creates awareness about the cognitive biases that hold us back and includes specific strategies to overcome them.

You can emphasize one or more of the four IDEA dimensions. For example, some firms do not have much leeway in the Design dimension. Consequently, you can focus instead on the dimensions where you do have control.

TRACOM’s Agility IDEA Model includes the Energize element, which is helpful for salespeople when influencing and inspiring others to support new ideas.

TRACOM Assessment

Yes, we can assess personal Agility! Tracom’s Adaptive Mindset for Agility assessment is a “multi-rater” instrument. This means you get a view of how others see your agility capabilities.

With some clients a follow-up is done to see if the new strategies have worked to overcome the challenges they had. If not, we re-adapt and re-shape a collective solution with the new findings.

Getting Going With the Agility Program

Go ahead and email Matthew Asser directly (, or use our contact form. We’ll set some time aside and talk about what you are seeking.